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General information

Responsive Websites

Websites today need to give the customer what they want quickly, easily and on any device, mobile or desktop. Customers today visiting website are now beginning to expect to be able to get the information they require from your website on any device they use. Websites today also need to be fast as well as having the information there within very few clicks. If you make your customer search too much giving them information they don’t want on the way, they will become frustrated and go elsewhere. We can advise you on how to lay out the pages and menus so that the customer has an enjoyable visit to your website and comes back again. If your website is not working for you, or you think your customers are going to other websites, why not give us a call to see if we can change that for you. It costs nothing to ask.

Website Types

The different kinds of systems that can be used to build and host websites are vast, we can advise you on the best system and hosting to use whether it is drag and drop or a more bespoke website. We can also offer the training required to get you maintaining and updating your own website to save you future cost.

Drag & Drop

We use various theme based systems that are supplied by providers of "drag and drop" type websites. These are great for a quick website and for the customer to take over the maintenance with very little training.

Get Online

You could have a basic 2 page bespoke website built and hosted for as little as £200.00. The hosting is with Go Daddy and the account in your own name. Give us a call for a no obligation quotation for a new website.

Maintenance & Servicing

Computer maintenance cost can be kept low if you do some of the little things your self. Starting with the purchase of the equipment, get the best you can afford, don't get the cheapest laptop or netbook and then find it is no where near powerful enough to do the job. Look at the software you are going to use, it will state some where what computer requirements are needed to run it, including the processor. If you can stretch to a solid state hard drive then do so as it will be faster and less likely to get damaged if dropped, remember the storage space matters, a lot. If you have a 128GB hard drive and you are using it for photos and videos, it will not be long before it is full, so get a bigger hard drive. Back-up your system, people loose photos and valuable information through not backing it up. Hard drives fail so back up your information regularly to an external hard drive not to a space on the same hard drive on the computer. If your computer is slow running, before calling in the service guys check the hard drive is not full, check you have enough memory and make sure you don't have endless software items open. Use anti-virus and anti-malware software on MAC or PC. Still got problems, contact us here and we will get back to you to see if we can help.

Mobile Websites

Websites can be built just for the mobile world. It may be for tablet to smart phone or just for the smart phone. No matter what, you can have the right website supplied for you and get you up and running ready for business. Our world is becoming increasingly mobile and for some the only access to the online world is via a smart phone or tablet.


For websites to work well you need to have high quality content to help optimize for search engines. When building your 4 page website we will set up your basic SEO, your sitemap, submit your site to search engines and check your content is structured properly. Our basic SEO will get one or more of your pages indexed with Google as long as the content is within Google's guidelines. We will try to get more indexed over the following couple of months of your new site going live. Read more on SEO.

There are various companies out there advertising expert SEO services, you can use these, some times at great expense, there is also a lot you can do for your self. As above, make sure your content is high quality, accurate and that it actually offers what you describe, make sure your headings and tag lines coincide with the body content. Use good social networking and advertise your website well. When building your website we will suggest the best way to go with your content.


Training is available with most websites built to show you how to make changes to your site so that you can save money on maintenance costs. This is also available for customers with experience of software such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe Muse. The drag and drop type training is suitable for all. Contact us for any information required, all quotations are free.

Equipment & Setup

A lot of computers are made for a specific use or a limited use, this will relate to how the computer was made. We see a lot of laptops and desktop computers for upgrade and have to tell the customer that it can not be upgraded to what they want. If you are buying a computer of any kind and have a specific use in mind for it, ask the sales person what would be best for you. When they have finished giving you the spec and all the talk ask them one thing, if I want to use it for, say Photoshop, will I be able to upgrade it? The answer, unless spending big bucks will probably be no or they wont know. Upgrading a standard desktop so that you can play a good game will involve installing a new graphics card, more memory and some times a better hard drive, but it will probably require other items like a new power supply and at a stretch a new mother board. Is it all worth it? yes if you have a good system to start with and have to change maybe one or two items. Some standard computers are better left alone and just buy what you need for the job. When buying, don't just think of today, think of what you or your family might use it for and future proof your new purchase for a few years.