Northern Web Design Cost & Plans

No Contracts Or Hidden Fees, Just Great Websites

Website Plans

Starter website

A 2 page basic website can start from as little as £200 depending on type which covers the design, build, and making live on a Go Daddy server, (cost of hosting is not included). The only cost after the build is any changes to the site @ £25ph and the URL and hosting renewal with Go Daddy each year.

4 Page bespoke website

2 - 4 page bespoke websites start from £485, incuding basic hosting, this is a one off payment to own your site outright. The only cost after the build is any changes to the site @ £25ph and the URL and hosting renewal with Go Daddy each year. A 4 page website also includes us re-sizing any images you have ready for the website.

Other Websites

We also have good rates for other types of websites like the Go Daddy "drag and drop" type site and Wordpress sites. These sites are good for the less technically minded and are all relatively easy to maintain and change. Please contact us for more information on pricing for these websites.

Get Online

Some bespoke websites include one years hosting, (unless a monthly plan is requested), so why wait, get online, contact us here for more information. Some websites are costed using the basic website hosting packages with Go Daddy and you will be informed of the other options available.
Unless otherwise stated on the quotation there are no contracts or hidden fees.

The Payment

Payment Plans To Suit Them All

We all know websites can end up costing a lot of money but we can help with the payments for your website, from the smallest to the biggest we have a payment plan to suit all.

One Off And Done

The one off and done plan is exactly what it says, we build the site, make it live and you pay at the time of going live. Unless asking for a maintenance contract for your website all you will need to pay out for is any work after going live @£25ph and the cost of the URL and hosting at the end of each year. Please see the website build terms and conditions.

A Few Instalments

If preferred we can also arrange a few instalments over a period of 3 - 4 months, 5% - 12% is added to each instalment to cover admin costs depending on website size and cost. This is a popular plan with those having very large websites built. The first payment is due on first show of the draft and all website hosting is for a minimum of one year and charged in advance.

Pay Monthly

You want a website but don't know if it is going to work for you? Try our monthly payment plan and get the site you want. We build the site that you want, we divide the over-all cost, (build only, hosting fees apply for the term used), over one year + 20%, you pay 2 months in advance and that's it, you then start paying monthly payments. When you want to stop the website just give us 30 days notice then the website will close but any hosting costs outstanding will not be returned. Please see the website build terms and conditions.