Northern Web Design Services

A Responsive Website For A Good Response

How We Get It Built

The Chat

I will come along to see you at your convenience to discuss what kind of website you require and what you want to get from your website. We advise that you have some high quality content and images ready for your website. The size and format of your images are not important as we re-size all images and save them to the format required for the website. All bespoke websites will be responsive and mobile ready, the way all websites should be today.

The Draft

After "the chat", we will go away and start on the website basics using the information and images you have supplied. When the draft is finished we will get you to look it over and come back to us with any changes required. We may come back to you a couple of times on larger sites to make sure all is going well. When you are completely satisfied with the layout and the content we can then go forward to "the check-up".

The Check-Up

You are now happy with the layout and content of your new website, we now have more work to do. We will now check that all the links work as they should, validate (W3C) all pages to ensure there are no faults, then check that the content supplied does not infringe on any copyright. We then check all pages have the correct names, descriptions and keywords.

Making It Live

Its time, you're happy with the site, we are happy with the site and the way it works, we are now going to make it live for the world to see. Making it live also includes the basic SEO setup for your 4 page website. If advanced SEO is required after that we recommend you contact an SEO consultant.

Remember, there is only so much any web developer can do with SEO, it requires your input. It would help if your website was linked to other high quality websites, you need to ensure your content is high quality and not repetitive and social networking and advertising your website also helps a great deal.

Equipment Services

Anti-Virus & Malware

Viruses and malware can be a pain and I am afraid they are there to bug us until the end of time. All we can do is keep up the good fight and keep knocking them on the head. Anti-virus software is a definite must for any computer, even MAC. If you are unsure of what to use, how to install it or just require help setting it up properly, get in touch with us, a quote is always free. See the information section on Anti-Virus and Malware here.


For websites to work well you need to have high quality content to help optimize for search engines. When building your 4 page website we will set up your basic SEO, your sitemap, submit your site to search engines and check your content is structured properly. Our basic SEO will get one or more of your pages indexed with search engines as long as the content is within the appropriate guidelines. We will try to get more indexed over the following couple of months of your new site going live. Read more on SEO.

Equipment Set-Up

In some cases you will want to upgrade the hard drive, memory, graphics card or other part of your computer so that you can do more with it. Whether that is playing games or using the most demanding graphics software. We can take a look at your system to see if it is upgradable or if it is even worth doing in the first place. See the section on our information page on equipment set-up here.

Maintenance, Servicing & Repairs

We all have those days when the computer will not do what we want it to or it is quicker to walk to Amazon and get your goods. If your PC is running slow, throwing up errors, software not working or any thing to do with the running of your PC that is not quite right, give us a call and we can take a look for you. If we don't fix it, you don't pay for it. See the section on our information page on maintenance and servicing here.


We can also train you or a member of staff to make changes to your site after it is built so that you can save on future maintenance costs. This is suitable for people with experience of software such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Muse. The drag and drop type training is also available and suitable for all.